North Carolina Energy Code Adoption

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on October 7, 2010 by ra.swaim

I am somewhat new to the recent push on energy code adoption in North Carolina, but I am trying to find out more information.
Recently, I had read the approved amendments for the 2012 NCECC and was really excited to see the new changes coming out for the most part. However, I've read that NC has tabled the adoption of the 2012 amendments until the next code cycle which would be 2015. I was under the assumption that since NC had passed the HB1443, they were in need of developing the new codes to bring NC into more alignment with the 2009 IECC, which would push the energy efficiency up to around 30% now. Can someone give me a good explaination as to what is going on now after this past meeting and what can we expect coming up soon?
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RE: North Carolina Energy Code Adoption

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Well, the situation is more complex than that, but suffice to say that the NCBCC's motion to table any action on the energy code until the next code cycle proved out of bounds with the state's open meetings statute and the motion to table it was disallowed by the body's legal counsel.

However, we're not sure if this changes the situation down in NC. The NCBCC has scheduled a meeting for Dec. 14 to resolve the matter.

If you or anyone else is interested in getting involved, email BCAP staff members like myself Paul Karrer at or Brian Sernulka at and we can discuss more.

Paul Karrer - November 17, 2010 6:07pm

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