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We heard from our webinar speakers about their experiences with the state compliance collaboratives -- Now tell us about yours! Share your compliments, constructive criticism, or general questions here!


On August 22, BCAP hosted an information sharing webinar on an emerging best practice in building energy codes: state Energy Code Compliance Collaboratives. The webinar featured progress reports from representatives of the six state compliance collaboratives BCAP helped establish in Colorado, Delaware, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Texas as well as the first collaborative created in Idaho. Each report highlighted accomplishments by each collaborative in the past two years and their needs to continue their success in the future.



Nebraska Collaborative experiences

Paul Karrer's picture

On behalf of BCAP, I helped establish the nation's seventh state energy code compliance collaborative in my home state, Nebraska.

Our forming group began meeting back in January 2013 to lay out the roadmap ahead of us. Danielle Jensen from the Nebraska Energy Office, Chris Burgess from MEEA, and Maria Ellingson from BCAP were instrumental in figuring out all the nuts and bolts of creating one of these things: inviting prospective members, finding a meeting venue, figuring out catering, developing an agenda, etc.

I moderated our first full Collaborative meeting in March in Lincoln, and our subsequent meetings in May and June. It's certainly been a learning experience juggling so many personalities and opinions toward something constructive, but it's been valuable to listen to every stakeholder's interests for being a part of this and developing some common goals from these discussions.

After our first three meetings, the Collaborative chose to establish five focus area committees based on the five focus areas highlighted in the outline of the state's future Strategic Compliance Plan for energy codes. These include:

1) Securing Funding
2) Training
3) Outreach
4) State and Local Policy
5) Compliance Measurement (M&V)

These committees will work between now and our fourth full Collaborative meeting in September in Lincoln. Our two biggest leads on tasks right now appear to be:

-- hosting a forum for the state's utilities to discuss what they perceive as their role in energy code compliance (if any) and what funding avenues may be available to us and them in the future; and
-- hosting an educational session on building energy code and energy efficiency for members of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature.

I'd love to hear more about how things are going in your states!

Paul Karrer - August 29, 2013 5:27pm

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